Argyle Webinar Recording Sponsored by Clarabridge:
Reaching Generation Hashtag - Leveraging Social Media for Customer Success

The secret to social media is in the "social" more than the "media"— it's in being human.

With consumers increasingly exposed to ever growing pools of information and data; brand awareness is becoming more important than ever in the digital age. All of us consume content in every second of the day mostly without even noticing – whether it’s checking your LinkedIn or scrolling through Facebook, countless signs, ads and logos are part of the social media landscape which is leaving a subtle but lasting impression on us.

For many executives, the temptation is to use social networks to promote themselves and broadcast their messages. But if you stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a customer, you will understand that the secret to social media is in the "social" more than in the "media"—it's in being human.

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Clarabridge, has brought together senior customer care, customer experience and contact center executives for a strategic webinar focusing on social customer service at the 2016 Reaching Generation Hashtag: Leveraging Social Media for Customer Success Virtual Event.

Topics explored throughout the webinar will include:

  • The current state of social service and the impact of social media on service
  • Aligning social strategies for marketing and customer service
  • Proactively engaging with customers through social media to deliver superior customer experiences


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