How can you create a stronger relationship with your customers?

Forrester Report

Social customer service provides huge opportunities to brands. Your customers are on social media and fielding their requests is not only more convenient for them, it’s also an opportunity for your brand to save money and build a reputation.

In the Forrester report, Build Customer Relationships with Social Customer Care, analyst Erna Alfred Liousas looks at the ways that social customer care can help your brand, including:

  • Reactively responding to customer complaints, preventing a more expensive resolution
  • Proactively seeking out customers to surprise and delight them
  • Learning from social insights to improve customer care as a whole

Report originally published December 17, 2015

Clarabridge eBook:
5 Steps to Better Social Media Engagement

Last year, there were over 879 million complaints on social media directed at brands. That’s not to mention questions and the occasional compliment. If you’re not engaging with your customers on social, you’re going to lose them.

In “5 Steps to Better Social Media Engagement” you’ll learn how to use your social platforms to understand what customers want, resolve problems and improve your business.

Read about:
  • Tracking and understanding social conversations about your brand
  • Using social as an extension of your brand
  • Solving short-term and long-term problems for your customers

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