How can you create a stronger relationship with your customers?

Forrester Report

Social customer service provides huge opportunities to brands. Your customers are on social media and fielding their requests is not only more convenient for them, it’s also an opportunity for your brand to save money and build a reputation.

In the Forrester report, Build Customer Relationships with Social Customer Care, analyst Erna Alfred Liousas looks at the ways that social customer care can help your brand, including:

  • Reactively responding to customer complaints, preventing a more expensive resolution
  • Proactively seeking out customers to surprise and delight them
  • Learning from social insights to improve customer care as a whole

Report originally published December 17, 2015

An Aberdeen Report:
Social Customer Care: 3 Steps to Best-in-Class Results

Aberdeen ReportDid you know that companies providing social customer service see a 25% increase in year-over-year customer lifetime value? Social customer service is no longer a nice to have – it’s a must have for companies wishing to deliver the best experience to their customers.

In this report, Social Customer Care: 3 Steps to Best-in-Class Results, Aberdeen Analyst Omer Minkara dives into how companies can implement a top-notch social customer service program.

The report covers:
  • The importance of understanding your customers to deliver a consistent experience across channels
  • How to empower your employees to serve up a great experience every time
  • Why playbooks and processes are important to a successful social customer service team

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