A Clarabridge Webinar:
Building a Social Media Dream Team

We all agree that customers are important to your business, but employees are the cornerstone of any successful company.

Maybe you’re looking for the best people to hire and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re staffed with smart, efficient people, but somehow you’re not getting things done. In either scenario, Trista Miller, Director of Customer Relations at Frontier will help you to get a grip on the big picture, and shape the ultimate Social Media Dream Team.

She’ll walk you through:
  • How to pick the right people for your team
  • When you should get out of the way to empower your team to make the right calls
  • How to let the data do the talking to effectively plan and make decisions
  • Looking ahead and shaping what success ultimately looks like for your team
Whether you think you’ve shaped a dream team, or are managing a team for the first time, this webinar is a must-see.


Duration: 45 Minutes


A Clarabridge Webinar:
Building a Social Media Dream Team

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