You’ve seen it before. A company sends out a completely inappropriate tweet, goes viral in a matter of minutes – ruining their brand reputation. This is a pretty hard fall to bounce back from and isn’t forgotten easily. Hacks happen faster than you think and can be easily avoided. Watch this webinar with Anthony Meirlaen, Lead Developer at CX Social, as he walks you through how to protect your social media accounts.
In just 45 minutes you'll learn how hacks happen, how you can detect suspicious activity and increase the security on your social media accounts, and much more.
This webinar will cover:
  • Examples of the most common hacks and how to avoid them
  • Ways you can increase security on your social media accounts
  • What you should do if your social media account has been compromised
  • See first-hand how CX Social security features help mitigate risk and exposure to hackers 


Duration: 45 Minutes


A Clarabridge Webinar:
Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Featured Speakers: 

Anthony Meirlaen

Anthony Meirlaen
Developer, CX Social

Anthony Meirlaen has been working on the CX Social product for over 3 years. He's fascinated about technology and more importantly on how people interact with it. Having a degree in Electronics and ICT he understands how computers work from the smallest transitor up to dancing cat GIFS. Living in Ghent Belgium he knows that noses are delicious.

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