There’s no getting around it: Customer experience determines who wins and who loses in business today. Unfortunately, too many organizations manage customer experience in silos, with customer data scattered across the enterprise. This leads to a fragmented view of buyer insights and, worse, inconsistent customer interactions in an omni-channel world.

Best-in-Class organizations eliminate these disparate silos, integrating data from the contact center, marketing, sales, and any other department that interacts with customers. This allows these companies to efficiently share insights and improve everything from product development to customer support.

Don’t annoy and aggravate customers – or lose their business entirely –  through clumsy and outdated data practices.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • The business case for improving customer experience by eliminating data silos
  • Top challenges in executing an omni-channel strategy
  • Best-in-Class activities that deliver seamless customer experiences
  • Real-life examples of companies getting it right and staying ahead of the game

Duration: 45 Minutes


Tear Down This Wall! The Business Case for Omni-Channel

Featured Speakers: 

Omer Minkara

Omer Minkara
VP, Principal Analyst - Contact Center & Customer Experience Management, Aberdeen

Omer Minkara is the Vice President, Principal Analyst within Aberdeen. In his research, Omer covers the Best-in-Class practices and emerging trends in the technologies and business processes used to enhance customer experience across multiple interaction channels (e.g. social, mobile, web, email and call center).

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