A Clarabridge Webinar:
Omni-Channel Customer Effort Analysis

Bruce Temkin Report

All webinar attendees will receive FREE access to the exclusive Temkin Group Insight Report, “Maximizing Value From Customer Journey Mapping”.

Clarabridge Webinar:
CX Studio Dashboard
Tips & Tricks

At Clarabridge, we are always thinking about ​how​ to enhance dashboards and make it easier to communicate value to CX stakeholders. Attend this webinar to learn how to leverage CX Studio features to build informative dashboards for stakeholders at all levels of your Customer Experience organization. 

In the webinar, we will explore:

  • How to build compelling dashboards that will communicate value to viewers 
  • The use of dashboard personalization to deploy a single dashboard widely throughout the organization 
  • Tools to improve the performance of your dashboard’s reports 
  • Best practices on handling common scenarios such as transitioning dashboards

Note: We'll share a recording of the webinar to all registrants, so if you can't make it, still sign up!

Webinar Speaker: 

Faheem Khemani

Faheem Khemani 
Product Manager, Clarabridge

Faheem is responsible for owning design and development of Clarabridge CX Studio. Over the last two years, he has worked on improving Clarabridge's dashboarding, reporting and analytics, and data integration capabilities. In addition to working at Clarabridge, Faheem teaches about product management at General Assembly, an educational institution that empowers professionals to learn technology skills. Prior to joining the Clarabridge team, Faheem has worked in product management and analytics at DC-based Perfect Sense Digital and LivingSocial.

If you’re going to design your CX programs around effortless experiences, you should also leverage emotion and effort in your analyses! Join us to learn more about why emotion and effort matter, the tools that Clarabridge offers to analyze them in customer feedback and how to communicate emotion and effort based insights to your skeptical stakeholders.


Bruce Temkin Report

All webinar registrants will receive FREE access to the exclusive Temkin Group Insight Report, 
“Maximizing Value From Customer Journey Mapping”.


Duration: 45 Minutes


A Clarabridge Webinar:
Omni-Channel Customer Effort Analysis


Send your questions to webinars@clarabridge.com before the webinar to help guide the focus of discussion; we’ll also take questions live during the webinar.


Featured Speakers: 


Ellen Loeshelle
Principal Product Manager, Clarabridge

Ellen Loeshelle is a Senior Product Manager for NLP and Data Enrichment at Clarabridge. Prior to her current role, she also worked as a Business Consultant and as the Product Manager of the Data Acquisition team. Throughout her nearly six years with Clarabridge, she has worked with customers to develop innovative solutions to language and social media data challenges within the context of linguistics and technology theory. She is currently focused on improving the Clarabridge NLP and enriching feedback data with semantic and pragmatic strategies. Ellen is a proud alumna of the University of Virginia and Georgetown University.

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